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Proposal Workshop

Proposal Workshop – online

GBFE offers this online workshop to support its students in the preparation of the Research Outline and the Research Proposal according to the requirements of Unisa.
All Master and Doctoral students need to submit a Research Outline with their application and a Research Proposal as a first step toward their master dissertation resp. the doctoral thesis.

We recommend to participate in this workshop before registering with Unisa or at latest in the first six months after registration.
In order to participate one should have at least a rough research idea.
The seminar language will be English. It will be accessable on the Moodle Learning platform. After registration you will get access to Moodle.

For German-speaking students we strongly recommend the German workshop, which includes one day meeting.


In four weeks you will acquire the following competences:

  • Understanding research and developing a research idea
  • Developing your research problem
  • Developing your research plan
  • Draft your research outline
Next Workshop
This workshop is offered on demand. Please inform us if you are interested.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ott
Fees: 105,- € (The participation is free for PhD students enrolled via GBFE and for GBFE supervisors.)