GBFE graduation ceremony

GBFE hosts several international academic conferences on various topics.
The coming conference is the Christian Leadership Conference VII.
The 2024 conference will be organised and hosted by Károli Gáspár University and GBFE,
in cooperation with PTF (Pünkösdi Teológiai Föiskola), KEVE (Keresztyén Vezetők és Üzletemberek Társasága),
both Hungary, and AcF (Akademie für christliche Führungskräfte), Germany.

Christian Leadership Conference 2024 on the topic

Leaders between role model and idol

4. - 6. September 2024
Károli Gáspár University in Budapest, Hungary

Conferences Overview

Being a network devoted to research, GBFE aims at fostering academic research and providing an intercultural academic community for its members and other scholars and students. GBFE has started to host several academic conferences. These conferences bring together scholars from different parts of the world (especially from Africa and Europe) to address and discuss crucial subjects in the academy, church and wider society. Being a network devoted to education, GBFE encourages the interaction of experienced scholars, younger scholars and students during its conferences, M&D seminars and other occasions. After rigorous discussion and peer review processes, the output of the conferences is published in academic journals or books.


Christian Leadership Conference, at Unisa, Pretoria, South Africa.
published as special edition Koers − Bulletin for Christian Scholarship 79:2 (2014)


Christian Leadership Conference II, at Forum Wiedenest Bergneustadt, Germany.
published as book Christian Leadership in a Changing World: Perspectives from Africa and Europe. Leuven: Peeters (2016)


Christian Leadership Conference III, at ETF Leuven, Belgium.
published as book Increasing diversity: Loss of control or identity adaptive construction. Leuven: Peeters (2017)


Reconciliation: Christian Perspectives – Interdisciplinary Approaches, at Forum Wiedenest Bergneustadt, Germany.
published as book Reconciliation - Christian Perspectives - Interdisciplinary Approaches. Münster: LIT (2020)


Christian Leadership Conference IV, at Karimu, Burbach-Holzhausen, Germany.
published as book Metaphors for Leading –Leading by Metaphors. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht (2019)


Christian Leadership Conference V, hosted by the Theological Society of South Africa in Pretoria.
published with HTS Theological Studies, Vol. 76, No. 2 (2020) Special collection: Christian leadership.


Integrating Theory and Praxis in Theological Education, at Forum Wiedenest Bergneustadt, Germany.
published with Acta Theologica, Supplementum 31: Integrating theory and practice: A challenge in theological education (2021)


Christian Leadership Conference VI, hosted by the Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology (HLT), Oslo, Norway.
published in two special issues of the Scandinavian Journal for Leadership and Theology and Verbum et Ecclesia (2023)


Being spiritual while doing research, at Forum Wiedenest Bergneustadt, Germany.
to be published with de Gruyter